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🇬🇧 Google translate switch

[Bookmark] Translates any web page into your browser’s language.

📖 Show HTML5 outline

[Bookmark] Computes the outline of the current page and displays it as a table of contents that can be used to navigate the page. Credits go to Dominykas Blyžė for first developing such a bookmarklet as part of his h5o project. Clicking the bookmarklet again closes the table of contents. This bookmarklet has a few settings gathered at the beginning of the URL:

The CSS is also gathered near the beginning and can easily be modified manually. For example, if you prefer that the table of contents use the current document’s font, set font-family to inherit. The source of this bookmarklet is available on GitHub.

📺 YouTube full window switch

[Bookmark] Switches between YouTube’s /watch and /embed pages.


View Last Backup

[Download] This Applescript opens a TextEdit window with a list of files that were changed during the last Time Machine backup. It is a wrapper of the timedog Perl script. A dialog allows you to choose the directory depth and whether to sort files by size or alphabetically. There are two user-dependent variables (the name of the Time Machine volume and the name of the computer) that must be set before the script can be used.

Show/Hide Invisible Files

[Download] A variant of the classic script, fast and reliable.